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Earth Day 2013, Monday, April 22


Earth Day was founded 43 years ago by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson. And now, April 22 has become a day when countries and people all across the globe celebrate the Earth's environment and focus on developing an awareness of how we affect it.
The original grass-roots environmental action helped spur the Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act in the United States.

On April 22, more than one billion people around the globe will participate in Earth Day 201...

Earth Hour - Saturday, March 23, 2013

On March 23, people and businesses around the world will turn off their lights for one hour starting at 8:30 p.m. local time as part of the seventh annual Earth Hour, which was created to encourage people to become more aware of what they can do to help the environment.

Earth Hour, organized by World Wildlife Fund, was launched in 2007 in Sydney, Australia, as a stand against climate change. By March 2009, the event had grown to involve hundreds...



PosterProps are an excellent alternative to traditional 3D props for your outdoor print media campaign.  They create the same eye-catching 3D effect but for a fraction of the cost. PosterProps come in practically any shape or size and can be rolled up for easier, more cost effective distribution.

Installation of a PosterProp is a breeze.  It can be installed over any billboard or wallscape and inflates on site.  It can be installe...

How Near Field Communication (NFC) phones will change your encounter with Outdoor Advertising


Near Field Communication will be the consumer engagement strategy. Conducting a mobile payment is just one of its functions, this technology can be used in one of three ways:

1.    Peer-to-peer communication, as seen in the Samsung commercials, as people touch their phones together to exchange a song or other data;

2.    Secure card emulation, for instance a hotel keycard with an embedded NFC chip that you tap on the door as opposed to sliding i...

Floor Decals


Want to direct spectators to a specific place on your campus or in your stadium? Floor graphics catch their eye and lead them in the right direction.  They can be made to attach to any flooring surface- wood, concrete, tile, you name it- and are coated to withstand heavy traffic and cleaning chemicals.

Floor graphics are great to promote brands and events in areas heavily travelled by foot- like malls or stadiums. For example, if you are a ...

Why use fleet graphics?


The smarter ad investment is fleet wraps. Here are some statistics out here so you can see the reasons why you need to consider fleet graphics:

One wrapped fleet vehicle can gain up to 70,000 visual impressions per day; hard to gain that many visuals with any other advertising venue.

  • It only costs 35 cents per 1,000 visual impressions with contractor fleet wraps.
  • A contractor fleet business would have to spend $130,000 in advertising dollars to...

Construction Barricades:From Eye-Sore to Money Maker


Construction is easily overlooked and often is just an everyday annoyance. However, those fences blocking the construction site are big, blank, and asking to be decorated.  Construction barricades can be printed and designed in any number of ways.  Whether it’s a large format vinyl cover for a wooden fence or a mesh banner for a chain link fence, your message can reach vehicle and foot traffic.

A construction barricade can be designed ...

Vehicle Wraps


Consumers with a long commute to work have proven to be hard to reach by traditional advertising mediums like newspaper and television.  They don’t have time to sit and read the newspaper in the morning or watch the local news when they get back home.  The best way to reach them if they’re spending long hours in a car? A vehicle wrap! A vehicle wrap is a low cost, high impact advertising solution made of adhesive vinyl displayed on one...

QR Codes:The Print to Digital Link


QR codes, or Quick Response codes, provide the immediate access customers want to what’s relevant.  They are interactive and novel to consumers.  QR codes are similar to bar codes but hold more information and can be scanned using any camera enabled smartphone, like an iPhone or Android.  They can link to digital content or open up the web browser on your phone among other functions.

QR codes can be added to many marketing materia...

Benefits of Building Wraps


Bigger is better when it comes to advertising. And building wraps are definitely bigger than your average advertising medium.  Everyone can utilize a building wrap from retailers, leasing offices, and event planners to car dealers and the food industry. They encourage your customers to visit your store, lease that vacant apartment, and attend the next Super Bowl.

Building wraps and window vinyl covering the side of a building can be seen by...